Main objectives

The main goal of the Russian Steel is representation of interests of Russian iron and steel producers.

Main Objectives of the Russian Steel Аssociation: 

  • promotion of steel use,
  • promotion of structural reforms,
  • elaboration of shared guidelines for industrial policy,
  • arrangement of partnership in cooperation of business with the state,
  • active participation in national reforms. 

 Main Activities 

  • Cooperation with federal, municipal and public organisations to build  better functional environment for both Аssociation Members and the whole metals and mining sector in Russia,
  • Fundamental and applied research and development,
  • Participation in examination of draft laws, documents, programs and solutions in Members’ scope of activities,
  • Representation and protection of rights and legitimate interests of the Аssociation and its Members,
  • Participation in Worldsteel regional study “Russia 2020” (a complex of initiatives about monitoring and forecasting of trends and developments in the Russian steel consumption),
  • Participation in the Russian governmental programme on raising energy use effectiveness in the Russian industrial sector.