One of the major benefits of the Аssociation membership is the ability to concentrate financial, intellectual and other resources of the Member companies for performing the objectives of common interests. Therefore the aim is achievable faster, in the most cost- effective way and with better results.

The internal activities of the Аssociation are split into several directions in a form of teamwork in commissions, workgroups, dedicated programmes and projects. The final results of the Аssociation activities are beneficial for both Member companies and other industrial players in Russia, including steelmaking companies, tubemakers and steel consumers.

Projects of the Russian Steel Аssociation target the issues of concern of one or more Member companies. Interested Members can form project teams within which the participants collaboratively define the goals of the project, the budget, the resources and other project parameters.

The Аssociation carries out its activities in corresponding commissions, workgroups, dedicated programmes and projects. At the time being following commissions function within Russian Steel:

  • Information and analytics commission
  • Commission for protection of labour, industrial and environmental safety
  • Commission for production, technology, training and education
  • Raw materials commission
  • Commission for technical regulations, standards and conformance evaluation
  • Trade policy commission
  • Transport commission
  • Fuel and energy complex commission
  • Financial and economic commission

Russian Steel cooperates with leading governmental, scientific and public associations and unions in the world steel industry. 

Russian Steel is an active member of World Steel Association (former International Iron and Steel Institute, IISI)