About Russian Steel

National industrial Russian Steel –źssociation was founded in 2001 by Russia’s leading iron and steel companies in order to coordinate efforts related to the promotion of the interests of Russian steelmakers and to implement joint non-commercial projects.

Member companies manufacture 98% of Russia’s pig iron; 90% of the country’s steel and rolled products; about 60% of steel pipes & tubes; and a significant share of raw materials used in the iron and steel industry.

Russian Steel member companies are the largest tax payers and most of them are they key employers in their respective regions. Members of the association place special emphasis on social responsibility, including wage increase, personnel welfare, education and professional development. Special focus is placed on environmental issues.

  General Meeting
President   Supervisory Board
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  • Information and Analysis
  • Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment
  • Financial and Economic Affairs
  • Fuel and Energy
  • Technical Regulations, Standards and Compliance Assessment
  • Transport
  • Production, Technology, Training and Education
  • Trade Policy
  • Raw Materials